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University of Barisal is 33rd Public University of Bangladesh which is established in 2011. Educational activities of this university started from 24 January 2018.

The University is located in Barisal, a city in southern Bangladesh. There are twenty academic departments under six faculties and it has 50 acres campus.



Barisal University

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University of Barisal
Barisal, Bangladesh
Phone: 880-431-2177771-77
Fax: 880-431-61117

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Details Information of Barisal University


Basic Information of Barsal University:

Total faculties: 06
Departments: 20
Total Hall: 3 (1 for Girls)
Students: 5430
Academic Staff: 151




Name of Faculties Name of Departments

1. Faculty of Science and Engineering

1. Department of Mathematics

2. Department of Chemistry

3. Department of Computer Science & Engineering

4. Department of Physics

5. Department of Geology and Mining

2. Faculty of Bio-Sciences and Agriculture

1. Department of Soil and Environmental Sciences

2. Department of Botany

3. Department of Coastal Studies and Disaster Management

4. Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology

3. Faculty of Arts and Humanities

1. Department of Bengali

2. Department of English

3. Department of Philosophy

4. Department of Mass Communication & Journalism

4. Faculty of Social Science

1. Department of Political Science

2. Department of Economics

3. Department of Public Administration

4. Department of Sociology

5. Faculty of Business Studies

1. Department of Accounting and Information System (AIS)

2. Department of Finance and Banking

3. Department of Marketing

4. Department of Management Studies

6. Faculty of Law 1. Department of Law


Library: More than 20,000 books and thousand more Journals

Transport Facility: 

There are 15 more Bus, Minibus and a Ambulance for the students. Those runs University to Barisal City and some other nearest important towns.

 Barisal University

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