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The University of Chittagong (Chittagong University) is a public university of Bangladesh and situated at the Sundarban area of Hathazari, Chittagong. It was established in 1966. It is situated 25 km. north form Chittagong city center.

The location of Chittagong University is surrounded by hills and it is the most beautiful area of Bangladesh. The area of the university is 1,754 acres (7.10 squire km.) It is the third largest university of Bangladesh.

University of Chittagong

Chittagong university logo

University of Chittagong

Address: Chittagong 4331

Important Links of The University:

** CU Admission Test/Circular Seatplan
** CU Admission Test Result

Details of The University

Basic Information of Chittagong University (CU):

Total faculties: 8

Departments: 39

Institutes: 06

Total Dormitory / Hall: 10 (Male: 6, Female: 3, Coed: 1)

Students: 22500

Academic Staff: 750

Admin Staff: 2000


Name of Faculties

Name of Departments

1. Faculty of Engineering

1. Department of Computer Science and Engineering

2. Department of Applied Physics, Electronics & Communication Engineering

2. Faculty of Science

1. Department of Chemistry

2. Department of Mathematics

3. Department of Statistics

4. Department of Physics

5. Department of Applied and Environmental Chemistry

3. Faculty of Biological Sciences

1. Department of Botany

2. Department of Zoology

3. Department of Microbiology

4. Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

5. Department of Geography and Environmental Science

6. Department of Soil Science

7. Department of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology

8. Department of Psychology

9. Department of Pharmacy

4. Faculty of Arts

1. Department of Bengali

2. Department of English

3. Department of History

4. Department of Philosophy

5. Department of Fine Arts

6. Department of Islamic History & Culture

7. Department of Arabic & Farsi

8. Department of Pracchovasha

9. Department of Islamic Studies

5. Faculty of Social Science

1. Department of Communication & Journalism

2. Department of Public Administration

3. Department of Economics

4. Department of Political Science

5. Department of Sociology

6. Department of Anthropology

7. Department of International Relations (IR)

8. Department of Home Economics

6. Faculty of Business Administration

1. Deparment of Accounting and Information System

2. Department of Management Studies

3. Department of Marketing studies and International Marketing(MSIM)

4. Department of Finance and Banking

5. Center for Business Studies (City Campus) for MBA (Evening) program

7. Faculty of Law

1. Department of Law

8. Faculty of Medicine

1. ChittagongMedicalCollege

2. ComillaMedicalCollege

3. NoakhliMedicalCollege

4. Cox's BazarMedicalCollege

5. Maa o ShishuMedicalCollege

6. Southern MedicalCollege

7. BGCTrustMedicalCollege

8. ChittagongInternationalDentalCollege

9. Institute of Applied Health Sciences

10. Institute of Community Ophthalmology

11. Southern MedicalCollege

12. CentralMedicalCollege, Comilla

13. Eastern MedicalCollege, Comilla

14. MoinamotiMedicalCollege, Comilla


1. Institute of Marine Science and Fisheries, the first of its kind in Bangladesh.

2. Institute of Forestry and Environmental Sciences, the first of its kind in Bangladesh.

3. Institute of Fine Arts

4. Institute of Modern Language

5. Social Science Research Institute


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