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Bangladesh has six different seasons with different beauty. So you should choose different time to visit different places. Some places best for summer, some are for winter and some place you can visit all over the year. So be instructed that page where you want to visit.



Summer is stormy and hot season in the country. So you should prepare accordingly to travel. First part of summer is dry and hot. Gradually it becomes stormy and turn to monsoon. In this season different fruit and flower will mostly attract you. In this time you can visit any city, sunderban, cox's bazar, st. martin, bandarban, sylhet etc.



In monsoon, Bangladesh takes different outlook with green trees and water. Rivers, field become fulfill by water. This is a time you can see the beauty of river. As this is a rainy season, do not forget to take umbrella and rain coat. As now it is monsoon, you may visit different part of the country. River is now very beautiful and it can be enjoyed by boat. The season is good to visit some beach, forest and hills. This is a good time to round a city in a rainy day. In this season you can visit cities, industrial area , sea or river port, cox's bazar, srimangal, watterfalls, bandarbans etc. Also this is the best time to get different kind of fish from river.



Winter is a cold season and without rain so this is a good time to have fun by traveling here. To travel in this season do not forget to bring warm clothes. In this time, sea and river is very claim and hills are silent. This time is a best time to watch different beauty of villages in the country. rangamati, srimangal, sunderban, towns, hills are good place to visit in this season.

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