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Alormela is offering international credit card payment service for the online payment. Basically we have launched this service for the students and young generation of Bangladesh to pay admission fee, application fee, tuition fee, utility bill and charges in online using this service.

international credit card of bangladesh

If you need to make online payment but you have not foreign currency supported international Credit Card, you can contact us. Will pay for the mentioned fees and charges for you and if you need to make any other legal, ethical & non gambling payment, don't forget to contact with us. 

We offer ePayment and credit card payment service for the following purpose:

1. Application fee.

2. Admission & Registration fee.

3. Tuition fee and Academic Charges.

4. Domain, Hosting, software and few other virtual product purchasing

5. Contact us if you need to make payment for any other fees.

Rate including Service Charge:

Sl  Fee Amount (USD)  Total Cost (BDT) & Negotiable
1  $ 20  Tk. 4,500
 $ 30  Tk. 6,300
3  $ 40  Tk. 8,200
4  $ 50  Tk. 10,000
5  $ 60  Tk. 11,500
6  $ 70  Tk. 13,000
7  $ 80  Tk. 14,500
8  $ 90  Tk. 16,500
9  $ 100  Tk. 17,500
13  $ 100++  Tk. Negotiable
** For Non USD (Currency X Rate $)= ....... USD.  Tk. Negotiable


Basic condition for this service:

1. Unsecured website and payment not allowed.

2. Seller's terms and conditions are considerable for domain, hosting and virtual product's bill payment.

3. Invoice should be USD 50+ for the domain, hosting and virtual product's bill payment

4. We never provide this service for any kinds of unethical, gambling and illegal payment.


If you want to take our service just contact here or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with information-

1. Your Name

2. Your Mobile Number

3. Reson of payment?

4. Require amount and Currency name

☑ We will contact you after checking your request. 

You can ask relevant question through the email or you are free to share your openion, experience, advice and question in the comment box in below.

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Hi, You may know me. Already you have provided multiple payment for me and my friends. Your rates are little bit high but I am happy to your service. Thanks to support my future journey.
If you unable to make successful payment for me, would I get refund money??
Yeah sure, you will get refund money in case we unable make successful payment for you. But if the credit card payment is being done, money back will not be possible. We will provide you screenshot of success message.
I need to purchase a software, Price £145. Could you help me to buy it?
Yeah sure. We allow software purchasing. Just mail us with details.
Dear, I need to use your ePayment service to pay an application fee. How to I will send you Taka? Could you provide me your contact mobile number please?
Dear Shihab, We have glad to know that your are interested to use our online payment service. Be inform, You can send us money through the bank or mobile bank. You can meet us face to face to get this service if you want. Please send us an email with requirement information mentioned above. We will call you within 24 hours.
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