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Patuakhali Science and Technology University (PSTU) is a public university of Bangladesh and situated at  Dumki Upazila under Patuakhali district, Barishal. It is about 15 kilometers north from Patuakhali district town and can easily be reached by public transportation.

The university campus area is 72 acres and 800 acres (3.2 squire km.) will be included for a Fisheries Faculty under this university at Kuakata.



Patuakhali Science and Technology University

PSTUPatuakhali Science and Technology University
Dumki, Patuakhali
Phone: 04427-56003
Fax: 04427-56009

Important Links of The University:

** PSTU Admission Test Circular
** Admission Test Seat Plan
** Admission Test Result

Details of The University

PSTU has placed a sub-campus at Khanpura, Babuganj, Barisal (area 13 acres).



Basic Information of (PSTU):

Type:Public University

Students: 3000

Faculty: 9

Department: 58

Name of Faculty

Name of Department

1. Faculty of Agriculture

1. Department of Agronomy

2. Department of Agricultural Botany

3. Department of Agricultural Chemistry

4. Department of Agricultural Economics & Rural Sociology

5. Department of Agriculture Engineering

6. Department of Agricultural Extension & Rural Development

7. Department of Veterinary Science

8. Department of Biochemistry

9. Department of Entomology

10. Department of Genetics & Plant Breeding

11. Department of Horticulture

12. Department of Plant Pathology

13. Department of Soil Science

14. Department of Statistics

15. Department of Biotechnology

16. Department of Agroforestry

2. Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering

1. Department of Computer Science and Information Technology (CIT)

2. Department of Computer and Communication Engineering (CCE)

3. Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE)

4. Department of Mathematics

5. Department of Physics and Mechanical Engineering (PME)

3. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

1. Department of Dairy and Poultry Science

2. Department of General Animal Science and Nutrition

3. Department of Pathology and Parasitology

4. Department of Medicine and Surgery

5. Department of Basic Science

6. Department of Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology

7. Department of Animal Breeding and genetics

4. Faculty of Fisheries

1. Department of Aquaculture

2. Department of Fisheries Biology and Genetics

3. Department of Fisheries Management

4. Department of Fisheries Technology

5. Department of Marine Fisheries and Oceanography

5. Disaster management

1. Department of Resource Management

2. Department of Emergency Management

3. Department of Environmental Science

4. Department of Disaster Risk Management

5. Department of Disaster Management

6. Nutrition and Food Science

1. Department of Community Health and Hygiene

2. Post-harvest Technology and Marketing

3. Department of Food Technology and Engineering

4. Department of Food Microbiology

5. Department of Human Nutrition and Dietetics

6. Department of Biochemistry and Food Analysis

7. Nutrition and Food Science

7. Faculty of Business Administration(BAM)

1. Dept. of Accounting & Information System

2. Dept. of Finance & Banking

3. Dept. of Marketing

4. Dept. of Management Studies

5. Dept. of Language &Communication

8. Land Management and Administration  1. Geodesy
 2. Geomatics
 3. Land Administration
 4. Land Policy and Law
 5. Land Record and Transformation
9. Postgraduate Studies  ----


Residential student halls:
 1. M. Keramot Ali Hall
 2. Sher-e-Bangla Hall-1
 3. Sher-e-Bangla Hall-2
 4. Kobi Begum Sufia Kamal Hall
 5. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Hall
 6. Sheikh Fazilatun Nesa Mujib Hall
 7. Birshestho Captain Mohiuddin Jahangir Hall (Babuganj campus, Barisal)


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