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Pabna Science and TechnologyUniversity is situated on the south side of Pabna Nagorbary highway. It is established in 2008 under the government act. PabnaUniversity of Science and Technology on 15 July, 2001.



Academic curriculum of the Pabna Science and TechnologyUniversity was started on 15th July 2008. The University offering Higher Education in Science and Technology based subjects for both undergraduate and post graduate levels. This newly established University will occupy an area of about 30 acres, with a number of multi-stored buildings.

Basic Information of PUST:

Total faculties: 05

Departments: 21


Total Dormitory / Hall:

Students: 4500

Academic Staff:



Name of Faculties

Name of Departments

1. Faculty of Engineering and Technology

1. Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)
2. Department of Electrical, Electronic and Communication Engineering(EECE);
3. Department of Civil Engineering (CE);
4. Department of Architecture (Arch.)
5. Department of Urban and Regional Planning (URP)
6. Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE)
7. Department of Information and Communication Engineering(ICE)

2. Faculty of Science

1. Department of Physics
2. Department of Statistics
3. Department of Chemistry
4. Department of Pharmacy
5. Department of Mathematics

3. Faculty of Business Studies

1. Department of Business Administration
2. Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management

4. Faculty of Humanities and Social Science

1. Department of Economics
2. Department of History & Bangladesh Studies (HBS)
3. Department of Bengali
4. Department of English
5. Department of Social Work
6. Department of Public Administration

5. Faculty of Life and Earth Science

1. Geography, Environment and Urban Planning

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