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The education boards has publish SSC, Dakhil and Vocational exam result on 28 July 2023 at 11:00am, success rate 80.39%. The education boards were sent a proposal latter to the prime minister office to determine the result among 25-28 July and finally 28 July has been selected as result date. See how to get your result throught website or Mobile SMS. The SSC and equivalent exam were taken in 30 April to 28 May 2023.

The ministry of education request to the education board to prepare the SSC result with in 60 days. They would publish the result within the period like the past.



All of education boards publish the result at same time all over the country through the website and mobile SMS also own academic institutions.

Everybody can see the result from here without any restriction.

Students collect their result from their own institute beside website and mobile SMS.



SSC, Dkhil and Vocational Exam 2023:

SSC, Dakhil and Vocational exam generally starts in February and ended in the first week of April, but it was not possible in the year 2023 for covid-19 infaction of the last few years. Total 20,41,450 more students appeared to this public exam under different 11 education boards and successfully passed 16,41,140 students among them. The ministry of education is going to publish this result within the year according to their rules.


You can get SSC, Dakhil and Vocational Exam Result 2023 from Bangladesh Education Board Result Official Website beside here. Your result is also available at your educational institute.  

Get Your SSC, Dakhil, Vocational, HSC, Alim, BM, DIBS  & Other Result From Here


See your SSC, HSC, Dakhil, Alim, BM, Vocational and Equivalent result from the education boards' result site. 

Just select your Exam Board Name and write Your Roll Number on the box, fill the blank box with appropriate digit by calculating the simple math and then click on "Submit".


SSC, Dakhil and Vocational result re-scrutiny program will be started from 29 July and continue till 05 August 2023.

SSC Result Re Scrutiny Application

Visit Here To get SSC, Dakhil, Vocational, HSC, Alim and BM Result:


SSC, Dakhil and Vocational Exam Result:

The Ministry of Education request to the Prime Minister to choose the SSC and equivalent result date from the any of 25 to 28 July. The prime minister office confirmed the result date is as 28 July 2023.

SSC (Secondary School Certificate), Dakhil (Equivalent of SSC from Madrasah board) and Vocational (equivalent under technical education board) exam of Bangladesh Education Board (Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Comilla, Jessore, Barisal, Sylhet, Dinajpur, Mymensingh, Technical and Madrasah) held in April-May 2023.

SSC, HSC and equivalent is one of the largest public exam of Bangladesh and about 2 million of Secondary school level students are appear in the exam. As the rules of Bangladesh Education Boards the result must be published among the 60 days after the end of the SSC, HSC and equivalent exam. 

Bangladesh Education Board was published the last SSC, Dakhil and Vocational result in 28 November 2022 and HSC, Alim, BM, DIBS and other equivalent result in 08 February 2023, also both among 60 days too.

You can find the details SSC, Dakhil, Vocational result from here.


SSC, Dakhil and Vocational Exam Result 2023 from your mobile:

To get result on your mobile, go to your mobile message option and type HSC for both general board, madrasha and technical board <space> First three letter of your board name <Space> Your roll <Space> Passing year then send the message to 16222.


  • For SSC Result 2023 Rajshahi Board, suppose roll no 757565:-

Go to Message option and write:-



  • For Dakhil Result 2023 Madrasha Board, suppose roll no 536373:-

Go to mobile phone messege option and write:



  • For Vocational Result 2023 Technical Board, suppose roll no 436373:-

Go to mobile phone messege option and write:


By a reply message you will get your result.


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SSC Result: SSC Result 2023 Published in 28 July 2023.

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HSC Result: HSC exam result 2022 has been published in 08 February 2023.

HSC Exam Result and Statistics

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HSC Result Re-scrutiny Application


Education Board:

There are 11 education board in Bangladesh. The JSC, JDC, SSC, Dakhil, Alim, SSC Vocational, HSC Alim, BM, Diploma in Commerce, DIBS and HSC Vocation exam held under nine regional education boards, Madrasah education board and Technical education board.

Name of Education Board:

1. Dhaka Education Board, 2. Rajshahi Education Board, 3. Comilla Education Board, 4. Dinajpur Education Board, 5. Jessore Education Board, 6. Barisal Education Board, 7. Sylhet Education Board 8. Chittagong Education Board 9. Mymensingh Education Board 10. Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board 11. Bangladesh Technical Education Board.

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