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Bangladesh is enriched with its long history, arts and culture. The country is known as land of river and here common people formed a enriched heritage in different regions.

Lalon song

The people has own music, dance and other entertainment. The folk, tribal music and dance are indigenous origin and rooted to the soil of the country. In different district you can find different style of dance and music.


Girl Pick up Lili



There are many kind of famous song like Bhatiali, Baul, Marfati, Bhawaiya and Murshidi. Lalon Shah, Kangal Harinath, Romesh Shill, Hason Raja, Abbas Uddin and many unknown anonymous lyrics have enriched the tradition of folk song of the country.

Rabindranath Thakur and Nazrul Islam are two famous names of Bangladesh who developed modern song of Bangladesh. Some musical instrument of Bangladesh is Bamboo Flute (Banshi), a single stringed instrument named Ektara, Drums (Dhol), a four stringed instrument call Dotara, apair of metal bawls used for rhythm effect is Mandira.


1st Boishakh



Bangladesh has a tradition of different kind of sports. Kabaddi is the national sports of the country.

Shari and Salower Kamij is traditional cloth for women and Lungi, Panjabi, Dhuti for men.

The country has a tradition of different kind of delicious food. Roshgulla, Rasamalai, Sandesh, Chom Chom are most favorite sweet of Bangladesh.


Festival & Celebration

Eid ul Fitr

Eid ul Azha


Durga Puja

Independent Day

Pohela Boishak

Victory Day

Language Movement Day

Bosonto Boron


Boishakhi Mela.

Also there are a lots of cultural program held in different place of country by different people and different community. Fine and Arts Institute of Dhaka University, National museum, Shishu Academy And Bangla Academy arrange different kind of cultural program all over the year. Different picnic spot and some recreation center also arrange different kind of cultural program like consent, dance DJ program, theater etc by famous singer, dancer, actor, actress. So all over the year cultural program is spirit of all kind of people from urban area to rural area. In different kind of cultural program all the country wear different color.

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