• Amari Dhaka

    Amari Hotels and Resorts is a Thai-based hotel and resort chain that is operating a network of mid to upper-class estate throughout Asia and The Middle East. Amari has properties in major tourist destinations of Thailand, including Bangkok, Pattaya, Hua Hin, Koh Samui, Krabi, Dhaka, Maldives and Phuket.

  • Arts and Culture of Bangladesh

    Bangladesh is enriched with its long history, arts and culture. The country is known as land of river and here common people formed a enriched heritage in different regions.

  • Barisal

    Barishal is a division of Bangladesh which is situated southern part of the country and on the bank of Arialkha River. It is bounded by Dhaka in north, chittagong in the east, Khulna in the west and bay of Bengal in the south.

    The division has hundred of rivers and green field every where. Its field is very fertile. The place is famous for production of rice. It is also well known for Guava, Pepper, mastered, sesame, beans, betel nut, betel leaf and coconut. As it has hundred of rivers, it is best for river tour, monsoon tour, walking tour, photography tour, cycling tour and house stay.

    barisa square

    Kuakata is a beautiful sea beach in Barishal and about 320 km from Dhaka and 75 km from Patuakhali district. Kuakata is famous for long wide beach in typical natural setting, fair and festivals during 'rush purnima' and 'maghi purnima', migratory birds in the winter season, large buddha statue, ancient buddhist temple, customs and costomes of the 'rakhyne community.

    The prime attraction of Kuakata Beach is Sun rising from the sea ant setting into it which is unique in the world.


    Attractive Places in Barishal: There are a lots of attractive place in Barishal, some are given below:-



    Samadhi Mandir

    Sujabad Kella

    Sangram Kella

    Sharkal Fort

    Girja Mahalla

    Bell's Park

    Ebadullah Mosq

     barisal floating market

    How to go:-

    Bus: BRTC tourist bus from Dhaka to Kuakatha, there are some local transportation service from Dhaka to Patuakhali and Patuakhali to Kuakatha.

    Air: You can fly from Dhaka to Barishal by air and then to Kuakata by road via Patuakhali.

    Water: You can reach there by watching the beauty of river by launch and steamer.


    Where to stay:-

    There are some hotel to stay and also Bangladesh Parjaton Corporation has tourist resort to stay there.

    Hotel Ababil

    Hotel Ali International

    Hotel Athena International

    Paradise Hotel.

  • Chittagong

    Chittagong sea port


    Chittagong, is a commercial capital of Bangladesh has a busy international sea port and airport. it has green hills, spacious sandy beach and elegant cool climate always attract the holiday- makers described by the Chinese traveler  and poet, Huen Tsang.


    Tribal Bangladesh


    Chittagong is the country’s staple port and is the main site for the establishment of heavy, medium and the light industries. Shah amanat international airport, the second largest airport of Bangladesh.


    Hanging bridge in Rangamati


    Tourist Attractions:-

    - The shrine of Hazrat Shah Amanat (RM) is located in the heart of the city.

    - Court building museum is situated on the fairy hill.

    - Tomb of Sultan Bayazid Bostami is 6 km to the north west of Chittagong city.

    - World war II cemetery havingeternal rest as many as 700 soldiers from different countries who lead down their lives on the Myanmar front during the world war II.

    - Foy,s Lake (Pahartali Lake) is 8 km from down town Chittagong. With the theme park, water park, accommodation motel.

    - Mercantile Marine academy is situated on the estuary of the karnaphuli.

    - From the city Fouzdarhat sea beach is about 15 km far.

    - Ethnological museum located is Agrabad area, which is a tresure-house of a variety of tribal culture and heritage of country.

    - From the city Patenga beach is about 20 km far.

    - Sitakunda is about 35 km west of the city is a legendary place of pilgrimage for the hindus.


    How to go:-

    From Dhaka you can go to Chittagong by air, road and train.

    Air: You can fly from Dhaka to Chittagong with Biman Bangladesh Airlines, GMG Airlines, United Airways etc. Everyday they are operating flight to chittagong. As Shah Amanat Airport, Chittagong is an international airport, you can fly from there with a international flight also.

    Bus: Bus is most common way to go Chittagong. There are many company operating luxurious transportation on this road. Shohag, Green Line, Hino are leading transportation company.

    Train: Train is always comfortable and favorite way to people. From Chittagong you may go anywhere of the country by train. Suborna Express, Mahanagar Gudhuli, Paharika, Mahanagar Provati, Udayn Express, Meghna Express, Turna Express are some inter city train those are operating from Chittagong.


    Nilgiri Tourist spot


    Where to stay:-

    There are a lots of hotel and motel in Chittagong to stay. Bangladesh Parjaton Corporation has also some hotel in Chittagong.

    Hotel Seagull 

    Hotel Agrabad

    Hotel Shaibal

    Asin SR Hotel

    Hotel Golden Inn

    Hotel Miskha

    meridian Hotel

    Silver Inn

    Peninsula Chittagonj

    Grand Park Hotel etc.

  • Cox's Bazar Sea Beach

    Cox’s Bazar is an important tourist spot in Bangladesh. The economy of Cox’s Bazar depended on tourism. It is a district headquarters in Chittagong division and well known for its wide sandy beach.

    This beach is world’s largest beach in the world and is around 150 km long. Cox’s bazaar is also known for fishing port.

    Cox’s bazaar situated 150 km south from Chittagong. It is bounded by Bakkhali River on the north and east, Bay of Benglal in the West, and Jhilwanj Union in the south.

    Coxs Bazar Sea Beach

    Sea beaches are the main attraction of Cox's Bazar For tourists. it is a most beautiful place for recreation. Laboni Beach is consider main beach of cox's Bazar and it is in central location also closed to the town. This is a crowdy beaches with tourists. There are some shop around the beach to buy attractive things.

    Another beautiful beach for tourists is Inani Beach. The beach is famous for its golden sand and natural beauty. Inani Beach is about 32 km south of cox's Bazar town.

    Himchori is the most attractive place to tourists because the the road to himchori runs by the beautiful green hills on the side and open blue sea on the other side.

    Himchori sea beach

    The water fall from green hill is amazing in Himchori. Himchori National Park is a beautiful tropical rain forest which evergreen.

    The park is attractive to tourists and biologist as well. It has high forest, low forest with grassland. The park is also known as paradise of birdwatcher many kind of birds are living here. It is situated 12 km south of Cox's Bazar town.Those are a god place for holiday and for other recreation.

    Tourist Attractions in Cox's Bazar:-

    Aggmeda Khyang


    Dulhazra Safari Park

    Laboni Beach


    Inani Beach


    Sonadia Island


    St. Martin's Island





    How to go: By road you can reach to cox's Bazar from Chittagong as it is connected with around 150 km high way. By air you can also fly to cox's Bazar. Biman Bangladesh Airlines, GMG airlines, United Airways are operating their flight.


    Where to stay:-

    Seagull Hotel

    Hotel Kollol

    Hotel Sea Palace

    Saint Martin Resort

    Hotel Daffodil International

    Hotel Shaibal

    Motel Probal

    Hotel Coral Reef

    Hotel Panowa

    Nitol Bay Resort

    beach resort

  • Discover the Amazing Beauty of Bangladesh

    Cows Car


    Go...... Visit..... Explore.....

    You can visit different place of Bangladesh at your vacation, travel or any other occasions. Here there are many beautiful place to visit. It has sea beach, natural beauty, archeological place which is stands for thousands year history. Dhaka is the capital city with huge population and Chittagong is commercial city with a large sea port also some commercial industry. Those are beautiful in different season. Nature is incredible beautiful, just explore.......


    Beautiful Bangladesh copy


    Discover the Amazing Beauty of Bangladesh.....

    Bangladesh is a beautiful country located in South Asia and maximum bordered by India and south side bordered by Bay of a Bengal.


    Royal Bengal Tiger Bangladesh


    There is lots of beautiful place, sea beach, river in this country. The official name of the country is the people’s republic of Bangladesh, Dhaka is the capital city located in the center of the country.

    Rural Area of Bangladesh


    The country has 160 million populations with 1, 47,570 sq km. This is a warm temperature country with annual average rain fall 203 mm. As it is a land of river, the is green in monsoon and that is a amazing scene. Now the time to discover the charming beauty...........




  • Khulna

    Khulna is located in south-western side of the country with a total area of 59.57 sq km on the bank of Bay of Bengal. It is the third biggest city of the country.

    royal bengal tiger

    In the southern part of the delta lines the Sundarban, is the largest mangrove forest in the world. Khulna is famous for shrimp, newsprint paper and some other industries.

    The main attraction of khulna is Sunnderban. This is world's largest mangrove belt in the world, stretching 80 km into the Bangladesh hinterland from the cost.

    The forest is located about 320 km south-west of Dhaka and it is spared over an area of about 60000 sq. km.


    The Sunderban is not just a mangrove swamps, it is included some of last remaining stands of the jungles which once covered with Gangetic plain.

    One-third of Sunderban is covered in water and there are about 400 Royal Bengal Tigers and 30000 spotted deers. The forests is hoe of different kind of Birds, insects, mammals, reptiles, fishes and many others animals.

    The beautiful surrounded Sunderban has declared a world heritage site by UNESCO.Hiron Point, Katka and Tin Kona island offer the best vantage points for watching tigers, deers, monkeys, birds, crocodiles and natural beauty. Dublar Char, a fishermen village is a beautiful island for tourists.


    Special attractions:-

    Mongla Seaport


    Shat Gambuj Mosque

    Shrine of Hazrat Khan Jahan Ali


    Ronvijoypur Mosque


    How to go:-

    You can go there by Bus, Train but around the sunderban water transport like private motor launches, speedboats, country boats are only one way to move.


    Where to Stay:-

    There are some hotels list below of Khulna -

    Hotel Royal International 

    Western Inn international

    Khulna hotel

    Society Hotel

    Hotel Arcadia

    Hotel Jalico

    Hotel Babla

    Hotel Castle Salam

    Grand Hotel, Jessore

    Banchte Shekha, Jessore

    Hotel Midtoen, Jessore.

  • Know When Travelling

    Bangladesh is a beautiful country located in South Asia and maximum bordered by India and south side bordered by Bay of Bengal. There is lots of beautiful place, sea beach, river in this country. The official name of the country is the people’s republic of Bangladesh, Dhaka is the capital city located in the center of the country. The country has 160 million populations with 1, 47,570 sq km. This is a warm temperature country with annual average rain fall 203 mm. As it is a land of river, the is green in monsoon and that is a amazing scene. Now the time to discover the charming beauty...........


    Public Service Emergency:-



    Anjuman e Mufidul Islam : 9336611

    Appollo Hospitals Dhaka : 989166

    BIRDEM : 9661551-60

    Cardiac Ambulance : 01713003004, 01714006706

    DMCH : 8626812 -16

    Fire Service Ambulance : 9556660

    Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital : 9671141-7

    ICDDR,B : 8811751-60

    Islami Bank Hospital : 9333739

    PG Hospital : 8614001-5

    Red Crescent Ambulance : 9330188-8

    Samorita Hospital : 9131901

    Suhrawardy Hospital : 9122560-78

    Square Hospital : 8141522

    United Hospital : 8836444Fire BrigadeEmergency : 199

    Headquarters : 9555555, 9556666


    Bus Service

    Green Line (Bus) : 7100301, 9356506

    Hanif Enterprise (Bus) : 9008480

    Keya Paribahan (Bus) : 7101894,7101250

    Dhaka - Kalkatha (Bus) : 8357757,8356720, 9333803

    Eagle Paribahan : 7101504.



    DMP Emergency : 999

    Police Control Room : 8614300, 9665407

    RAB : 8961105



    Parjaton : 9899288-91

    Salida : 9344477, 9334152

    Navana : 9558065

    Sil Cab : 9333306

    Orion : 9347277.


    Other Enquiry

    Board of Investment : 9561418, 7169580-3

    Flight Enquiry : 8914870-74, 8914817, 8960004

    Airport Visa : 89142256 (Visa), 8960404,8914810

    Railway Enquiry : 8315857

    Railway Reservation : 9358634

    Post Office (GPO) : 9555533, 9555967

    Water Transport (BIWTC) : 9558000 (Resv.)



    DHL : 9881703-7,9560107-8

    FedEx : 9884851, fax: 9886531

    TNT : 9890430, 8834856-59

    UPS : 9885126, 9885227

    S.A. Paribahan : 9356619, 9332052.

  • Rajshahi

    Rajshahi is one of the six metropolitan cities of Bangladesh. Rajshahi is located in the north-west of the country and situated on the bank of Padma river with population of around 475,000 people and total area is 96.69 sq km.

    sabash bangladesh rajshahi

    The city is also known as Rampur Boalia. Rajshahi is famous for Silk Industries, Mango and Lychee. Rajshahi is also famous for its Characteristic sweetmeats.

    These special preparations include Roshkodom, Khaja, Raghobshahi and kachagolla. It is also famous for Bangladesh Railway Headquater (Western Zone).


    Mohasthanagar is one of the best attractive place in Rajshahi zone situated on the western bank of river kartoa.

    At the Kingdom of the Mourjo, the Gupta and the Sen Dynasty, it was the capital. Mohasthangar is an ancient archeological and historical place which was established in 2500 BC.


    Rajshahi University is a place of education and it is a attractive place to visitor.

    Paharpur Buddhist Monastery is a small village which is another tourist attraction of North Bengol. The 7th century archaeological place covering around 27 acres land.


    Special Attractions:-


    Boro Bongram



    Central Park and Zoo

    Choto Sona Mosque



    Kantajee's Temple


    Paharpur Buddhist Monastery



    Rajshahi University

    Ramshagor Dighi

    Shrine of hazrat shah mokhdum

    Varendra research museum


    How to go:-

    From Dhaka you can go to Rajshahi by Air, Bus and Train.

    Air: Biman Bangladesh Airlines, United Airwys, GMG airlines and some other local Airlines operating flight from Dhaka to Rajshahi.

    Bus:Many Transport company are giving bus service by road.

    Train: Train is also available transportation in Rajshahi.


    Where to stay:-

    You can select any of those hotel to stay in Rajshahi.

    Hotel Sukarna

    Hotel mukta

    Hotel Rajmahal

    Parjatan Hotel

    Hotel Midtown

    Hotel Dalas Inter National

    Hotel Naz Garden, Bogra.

  • Sylhet

    Sylhet is a major city of Bangladesh situated in north-eastern side. Sylhet is located on the banks of the Surma River and is surrounded by the Jaintia, Khasi and Tripura hills.

    This is one of the largest city with the population a history of conquests and heritage from different types of cultureof 500,000 people. The place is famous for its tea garden and tropical forests. Here the climate is humid subtropical with a predominantly hot and humid summer and cool winter.

    shrine of hazrat shah jalal

    Sylhet is a great place for tourists. Hills, Tea garden and waterfalls always attract tourists. Tamabil-Jaflong is a beautiful place of sylhet. Tamabil is a boarder outpost on Sylhet-Shilong road about 50 km. far from the town. It is located on Bangladesh-India Boarder. Its waterfalls and charming beauty is is very attractive. Kalibari is another beautiful place at Jaflong which is one of the 51 Sakthi peet.

    tea garden sylhet

    Sri Mangal is a famous place of sylhet for its largest tea gardens of the world coverd by lush green carpet. The spectacular tea processing at tea research institute any one can have a look. Because of huge tea productions, it called "the land of two leaves and a bud". It is also called camellia, green carpet and tea mountain.


    Lawacherra Rain Forest is one of the important and well reserved forest in the country. This is a nice place for deers, leopard, wild chicken, python, squirrel and many kind of birds. Only rare chloroform tree of Asia is here and it is main attraction to travelers.

    Tilagor is famous for a large hills, tea garden, eco park. Madhabkunda is a another famous place for tourists. Here lush tea estate and full of water lilies is a full one. Madhabkunda water fall is the main attraction to tourists.


    Special Attractions:-

    Greeva Peet – Mahalaksmi Peet


    Lawacherra Rain Forest


    Shirne of Hazrat Shah Jalal

    Sri Mangal



    How to go:-

    Transport of sylhet is very easy way to reach there. There is an international Airport in sylhet, so you can fly from there by different airlines. Train is another comfortable service from sylhet. Bus is available to reach over there. Any one also can borrow a car from different rent a car company.


    Where to stay:-

    Hotel Grand Sultan

    Al Hamara Holiday Homes

    Zastat Holiday Resort

    Nazimgarh Resort

    Galaxy Inn

    Hotel Dallas

    Hotel Fortune Garden

    Rose View Hotel

    Nirvana Inn

    Surma Valley Rest House

    Bangladesh Tea Research Institute

    Hotel Taj Mahal, Srimangal

    Tea Resort, Srimangal

    Nishorgo Eco Resort, Srimangal

    Vacation Resort, Srimangal

    Central Guest House

    Hotel Chief.

  • The Historical and Beautiful Capital City Dhaka

    National Parliament Building of Bangladesh


    Dhaka is a busy city which is the capital of Bangladesh with its magnificent heritage, glorious culture and dazzling sceneries marks its four hundred years as capital city in 2008. Dhaka with the blend of traditional and modern architectural development possesses a plethora of splendours. It is founded in 1608 as the seat of Mughal Vicroys of Bengal.


    Lalbagh Fort


    Dhaka is an embodied of many a numbers of stunning domes, turrets, a rampart wall that still reflects in the water of Buriganga.

    Dhaka has been developing fast as a modern city since independents in 1971 and is throbbing with activities in all spheres of life, be it industrial, commercial or political. When Subedar Islam Khan Chistie establishes Dhaka as the provincial capital of Mughal, Bengals isolation, resulting from two centuries of independence was rifted. But the political centralization introduced Dhaka uniform provincial Mughal style in architecture, it also defused such unmistakable Bengali elements as the curved eaves and ridge, to such place as Lahore, Delhi, Agra and even as far as distance Rajputna.

    Successive Mughal governors adorned the city with a variety of buildings, pleasure houses, palaces, katras, mousolea, mosques and bridges etc.


    Dhaka City at Night 


    Ahsan Manzil Museum

    Banga Bhaban

    Botanical Garden

    Central Shahid Minar

    Churches in Dhaka

    Dhakeshwari Temple

    Gardens in Dhaka

    Lalbagh Fort

    Mausoleum of National Leaders

    Mosque of Baba Adam

    National Assembly

    National Memorial

    Star Mosque


    Shopping Mall:For shopping a lots of market and Shopping mall located in Dhaka. From there you can buy local and foreign clothes, goods, electronics and lots of things. Some market are so cheap and some are costly.


    There is a list below of some markets and shopping malls:-

    Aarong national

    Bashundhara City

    Jamuna Future Park

    Pink City

    Eastern Plaza

    Rapha Plaza 



    New Market


    Islampur Market


    Gulistan Hokers Market etc.

    Here you can have more about Around Dhaka.

  • The Westin Dhaka

    The Westin Dhaka is one of the best hotels in the country located at Business HUB & Diplomatic Zone Gulahan. It is a five-star category Marriott International chain hotel with 235 rooms accepts Bonvoy. The hotel is located near the Gulshan 2 circle just opposite of DCC market. This is the most important place for business travelers as this is the diplomatic area and many local and multinational companies' headquarter is located. So this is the prime choice of travelers as because of the location and high level of Security. Gulshan is a very important area because of the diplomatic zone, international schools, and multinational companies, so the government focuses on and ensures a high level of security.