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National University Honours 4th and Final year result 2023 (year 2021) can be published in the last week of October 2023. The NU honours final year exam was held in 18 June to 06 August, viva taken in 20 August to September 2023.



All the students of National University affiliated colleges will get the result at same time. You will get all update news of NU result.


Result 2022National University Honours Part-4 / Final Year Exam Result  year 2022 (year 2020) available from 25 May 2022 at 05:00 PM through the online and mobile SMS. The result also available from 5:00pm through the internet.

NU 4th year honours result here

Subjects are: Bangla, History, Islamic History, Islamic Study, Philosophy, Sociology, Social Welfare, Political Science, Economics, Soil Science, Zoology, Geography, Psychology, Management, Home Ehonomics, accounting, and others of BSc, BSS, BBS and others.



The results of some subjects can be published in two or three steps. Result is available in the link of below published by National University.

National University 4th Year Result

nu 4th year result

National University Bangladesh is publishing the honours result under Grading (CGPA) system from the session 2013 final exam which was held in 2017 and the result of all previous session was published under class system.



How to get your NU 4th year result through the mobile phone?

To get your National University honours 4th / final year result through the mobile SMS just follow the given instruction.

Type your message option: nu<spage>h4<space>roll (last 7digit) and send to 16222.

Ex: nu h4 1234567 and send to 16222.

Total examinee was 2,94,727 students from the 733 national university affiliated colleges.

Final/ 4th year exam routine of National University

 National University honours 4th year result 2022

Only 4th year result published in 25 May 2022. The total combined CGPA with last three years exam published in --- May 2022.

Honours 4th Year Special Exam Result: Honours 4th year special exam result was publised in 13 December 2020. The exam was taken in January to March 2020.

The students can submit 4th Year Exam Result Re Scrutiny Application to re-check their exam sheet providing charge among next few days if they are not satisfied on thier result.

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