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As corona virus case increasing day by day Bangladesh Government announced lockdown. This is a full lockdown and Bangladesh Government announced 1-week in whole country starting from April 14, 2021. During this time all movement will be restricted except few emergencies. All movement will be controlled and if anything urgent, movement will be possible with a approved pass only.

 Apply for movement pass if you require from Bangladesh Police website portal (movement pass police gov bd). Today IGP Benazir Ahmed has launched the Movement Pass app to allow limited movement on urgent basis. However Journalists will be able to move without this pass.

Movement Pass

If you need to have a movement pass then visit app or website movement pass police gov bd ( here you need to give proper information to get the movement pass.

There are a lots of issues are coming in front of us through media regarding movement restriction as people can not go out without this pass. However sometime people are being stopped though they have pass but reason is not emergency. However sometme you may move if it is really emergency.

As banks are open, so we need to go to the bank for banking purpose. If you are working for any emergency services such as telecomunication or post, you are allow to move. Here main goal is that people are not allowed to move freely without any reason and this is flooowing strictly to stop spreading corona virus.

Stay Safe!

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I need it to go out in order to visit hospital as i have an appointment to consult a doctor.
I need movement pass During Lockdown period due to my service medical treatment. please help.
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