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National Parliament Building of Bangladesh

Dhaka is a busy city which is the capital of Bangladesh with its magnificent heritage, glorious culture and dazzling sceneries marks its four hundred years as capital city in 2008. Dhaka with the blend of traditional and modern architectural development possesses a plethora of splendours. It is founded in 1608 as the seat of Mughal Vicroys of Bengal.


Lalbagh Fort


Dhaka is an embodied of many a numbers of stunning domes, turrets, a rampart wall that still reflects in the water of Buriganga.

Dhaka has been developing fast as a modern city since independents in 1971 and is throbbing with activities in all spheres of life, be it industrial, commercial or political. When Subedar Islam Khan Chistie establishes Dhaka as the provincial capital of Mughal, Bengals isolation, resulting from two centuries of independence was rifted. But the political centralization introduced Dhaka uniform provincial Mughal style in architecture, it also defused such unmistakable Bengali elements as the curved eaves and ridge, to such place as Lahore, Delhi, Agra and even as far as distance Rajputna.

Successive Mughal governors adorned the city with a variety of buildings, pleasure houses, palaces, katras, mousolea, mosques and bridges etc.


Dhaka City at Night 


Ahsan Manzil Museum

Banga Bhaban

Botanical Garden

Central Shahid Minar

National Museum

Military Museum

Churches in Dhaka

Dhakeshwari Temple

Gardens in Dhaka

Lalbagh Fort

Mausoleum of National Leaders

Mosque of Baba Adam

National Assembly

National Memorial

Star Mosque


Shopping Mall:For shopping a lots of market and Shopping mall located in Dhaka. From there you can buy local and foreign clothes, goods, electronics and lots of things. Some market are so cheap and some are costly.


There is a list below of some markets and shopping malls:-

Aarong national

Bashundhara City

Jamuna Future Park

Pink City

Eastern Plaza

Rapha Plaza 



New Market


Islampur Market


Gulistan Hokers Market etc.

Here you can have more about Around Dhaka.

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