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Mid night, in 25 March, 1971, Pakistan army started a killing mission called 'Operation Search Light' on 7.5 crore Bangladeshi people. They arrested Bangabandu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman the leader of Bangladesh.

They attacked on universities, school, college, EPR (East Pakistan Rifels, Boarder guard of Pakistan), police lines and all other villages, town and cities. They started killing and burning everywhere. One million people crossed the border in that night.

A Bloody war and independence day

26 March 1971, Bangladeshi Freedom Fighter started a bloody liberation war against the Pakistan military. And finally we got success on 16 December 1971.

Freedom fighter 1971 Bangladesh

About 1 crore people made refugee during 9 months. Most of road, culvert, bridge and other construction were destroyed then.

Mother taken rifle in 1971

About 3 million people sacrificed their lives to protect Bangladesh and 2 lakh women were raped by depraved Pakistan army during the 9 months.

ladies in movement

We get a costly freedom, because they operated one of the largest genocide of the world history in Bangladesh only among 9 months.


Freedom fight 1971 BangladeshFreedom fighter 1971 Bangladesh with LMG


Libaration war of Bangladesh:

Leader of Bangladesh: Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

Commander-in-chief: General M. A. G. Osmani

Commanders of Brigeds:

S Force: Major K M Shafiullah, 

K Force: Major General Khaled Mosharraf

Z Force: Mazor Ziaur Rahman

mujib returns to bangladesh

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