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Once upon a time there lived a cobber in a village He worked and sang from morning till night. Each day’s work brought square meals for himself and his family. He knew no want, knew no sorrow. He was as happy as a lark. 

peace of mind

One day, a rich man came to his shop. When leaving the shop. The rich man said, ‘’Have you laid by anything for future?’’ 

“No, sir,” said the cobber, “I know no future. I’m happy with the present and think little about tomorrow. 



‘’No, that won’t do” said the rich man, “I like to see you above want. Have this money and keep it. You can depend on it in your bad days”. So saying, the rich man gave him a bag of money and went away. 


The cobbler took the money and went to his house. He dug the floor and buried it. But alas! With the money he buried his peace and happiness as well. He returned to his shop but could not sit there with a free mind. He went to bed at night. But he could not sleep peacefully. He was always anxious about the safety of the money. 



A few days later the rich man came to his shop again. He said, “How do you do my friend? I hope you are care–free now.” “No Sir” answered the cobbler, “I’m not at all care –free” So saying, he ran to the house. He came back with the bag of money and said, “Your money has snatched away my smile and merriment. It has deprived me of my sleep. Now Sir take back your bag please and let me have my wealth in return.” Saying this, he returned the bag to the rich man and became as free as he was.

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