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Humayun had been defeated many a time by Sher Shah. After his defeat at Chausha Humayun fled towards Agra. He stopped for a short while at Agra and Delhi. Then he left for Lahore. He arrived at Lahore after a long journey. Here all his nobles had already come together. They sat together and talked over plans for getting back their lost kingdom.


Humayun told them what he wanted to do. The Princes and njobles understood that their only course was to fight again. So, they decided to put together all they had and prepare for a fight.



Prince Kamran, the brother of Humayun , did not agree with the others. He advised Humayun to flee and take shelter in the hills.


The behavior of Prince Kamran was disliked by all. They became very angry and advised Humayun to kill his brother. They said that they must work in a body.



Humayun did not know what to do. On one side was his brother and on the other side was the recovery of his lost empire. He had to choose between the two.


At last, he came to a decision. He said that he could not kill his brother. If the empire was lost, it could be gained some day. But, if his brother was killed, he would be lost for ever. Beside, his father had put him in charge of his brother. He had advised him to take good care of him. He must not do him any harm. So, he could never act against the advice of his father.


The decision of Humayun saved the life of his brother, Prince Kamran. We all know that Almighty Allah rewarded Humayun for it. He did get back his kingdom at the end.

Mughal Emperor Humayun and His Brother


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