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Rajshahi University (RU) honours first year admission test has been started from 05 March, the exam will be taken on 05, 06 and 07 March 2024. The students and guardians who will come previous day from long distance they can stay at the university campus. Applicants can download admit card with in 19 to 22 February 2024.


Applicants must download admit card within the mentioned timeline.



After this mentioned period admit card will not be available. RU Admission circular was published in 28 December 2023.

The primary application process was completed on 28 December 2023. Admission test result would be published from 09 March 2024.

Rajshahi University Admission Test Result

Rajshahi University honours admission's primary selection and eligible candidates list 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th phase application has been done by sequelly. The secondary application was taken from 26 January to 11 February 2024.



Rajshahi University has selected eligible candidates from the preliminary applicants. Total 72,000 students will be selected for each unit by their achived GPA in the SSC and HSC exam.

RU admission test routine is given here and details seat plan will be available few days earlier of exam.



Admission Test Routine

 Admission Test Date  Unit  9:00-10:00am  11:00-12:00pm  01:00-2:00pm 03:30-4:30pm
05 March 2024, Tuesday C Unit, Science  Group-1  Group-2  Group-3  Group-4
06 March 2024, Wednesday A Unit, Humanities  Group-1  Group-2  Group-3  Group-4
07 March 2024, Thursday B Unit, Business Studies  Group-1  Group-2  Group-3  Group-4


Rajshahi University (RU) honours first year admission test final phase application has been completed on 11 February 2024.

The University admission test will be held under 3 units like A, B, C units. Students cannot use any electronic device in the exam hall.

Rajshahi University already announced admission test seat plan and written in admit card to download.  

Candidates see admission test routine 2023-24 form below. You can also download admission test Admit Card from here in 19 to 22 February 2024.


RU Admission Test Admit Card


rajshahi university ru admission test routine 2024


You will be notify through the mobile SMS if you are eligible to apply to attend admission test.

RU Final Step Application Process

Admission test candidates:

 Unit name  Total candidates
 A unit  72,000 Maximum
 B unit  72,000 Maximum
 C unit  72,000 Maximum
 All units  2,16,000



Where to stay:

The university provides residential opportunity for the students who will come previous day across the far away and need to pass the night.

Girls: The girls can stay at the hall room, common room, prayer room, waiting room, TV room and common space in the girls hall and hostel. But they must bring a bed sheet pillow to sleep. Enough ladies police will stay here for their security. But they must pre-book their seat to get in the girls hall, contact numbers are given here.

The girls can stay at girls mess with the familiar person.

Contact number of girls hall:

Moonojan Hall
Rokeya Hall
Tapashi Rabeya Hall
(Tribe students only)
Begum Khaleda Ziya Hall
Rahmatunnesa Hall
Sheikh Fazilatunnesa Hall


Boys: The boys can stay in the university campus. Or they can stay at boys students mess with contacting their pre-known person.

Guardians: The gurdian who will come with the students can't stay at the hall/hostel. The university will mark a special space to seat for them.

The students and gurdians must show the admission test admit card to enter in the campus. The University will ensure multilevel police protection in the campus.

The students and guardian can pre-book room at hotel & motel to pass night. 


You must come to the admission test campus early. You will get enough volunteers and they will help you with proper direction that how to find your exam hall.

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