Bangladesh Publich Service BPSC has published 40th BCS viva exam final result in 30 March 2022. Total 1,963 candidates successfully requested to join as cadre.



40th BSC Viva Final Result 2022:

The result file is attached below under attachments thus the candidates can get their result through the mobile SMS with following structure.

Write in your message option-

PSC<speace>40<speace>Registration number and send to 16222.

You will get the result by return SMS.

40th Special BSC Viva Final Result 2022

40th BCS Written Result

BCS Preliminary Exam Result


40th BCS Viva Result: 40th BCS (Bangladesh Civil Service) final result has been published in 30 March 2022 and 1963 candidates has been selected. The written exam result was published in 27 January 2021. Total 10,964 selected in the written to join viva voce. In the preliminary exam, 20,277 candidates was selected for general and professional/technical catagory. The written exam was taken in January 2020.

BCS viva voce was held in 2022. Total BCS preliminary applicants were 3,27,000.



Total 3,27,000 more candidates were attended to the preliminary exam.


BCS preliminary MCQ exam was held in 30 May 2019 and total 3,27,000 candidates were attend in it. Total 20,277 candidates were passed in the MCQ and 20,277 candidates were attend in written test.



The result is available here as pdf file for download. 

BCS Exam Preli Date, Seat Plan & Schedule

BCS Written Exam Seat Plan & Schedule 

Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC)

BCS final result 2022

42nd Special BSC Viva Final Result 2021:

42nd special BCS result was published in 09 September 2021 and total 4,000 candidates were requested to join.


Download the 40th BCS Final, Written Exam Result from here. 

BCS Exam Result is given below as attached file.


Download this alormela pdf file 40th BCS Written Exam Result
Download this alormela pdf file 40th BCS Viva & Final Result  
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