Dhaka University (DU) "Gha" Unit re-take admission test result has been published in 19 November 2018 at 3:00pm. Dhaka University was to postponed Gha unit 16 October's result for the complain of the question leakage.


Dhaka University was complained to police under digital security act in Shabag police station and  6 accused were arrested.

Gha Unit Re-take Result:

du unit result

DU "Ka" unit result published in 03 October, "Kha" unit MCQ and "Cha" unit drawing admission test result has been published in 25 September 2018 and "Ga and Cha" Unit MCQ result published in 17 September. Total uccess rate 14% for Kha Unit and 10.98% of Ga Unit.



Dhaka University Ga, Cha, Kha and Ka unit written (MCQ) test has been held gradually in 14, 15, 21 and 28 September and Gha unit in 12 October 2018. DU written exam has been started from 14 September by 'Ga' unit.

Dhaka University (DU) honours 1st year admission test 2018-2019 application procedure was finished some days back.

DU already published admission test result for few units.

See Your DU Admission Result

The DU 'Cha', 'Ka', 'Ga', 'Kha' and 'Gha' unit result is available in DU official website. To get your result login with necessary information then you can see your result.

You can get your result by mobile. To get result on your mobile, just type DU<Space>Unit Name<Space>Roll No. on your message option and send it to 16321. So the format is DU GHA 123456.

Gha Unit 2018-19: Total 18,483 candidats passed from Gha unit and success rate 26.21%. Total 95,341 candidates was apeared on admission test against 1615 seats under Gha Unit. See details-

DU Gha Unit Admission Notice

Ka Unit 2018-19: Ka Unit MCQ admission test held in 28 September 2018. Total 77,572 candidates particpates for 1,750 available seats. Total 10,117 candidates successfully passed in MCQ exam and succes rate 13.04% Ka Unit MCQ result published on 03 October.

du ka unit result

Kha Unit 2018-19: Total 4,747 candidates passed from Kha unit and success reate 14%. Their subject choose inverview starts from 21 October 2018. Total 33,897 candidates was apeared on admission test against 2,378 seats under Kha Unit. Students must fillup details form and subject choose form from 26 September to 10 October.

du kha unit result 

Ga Unit 2018-19: Total 2,850 candidats passed from Ga unit and success rate 10.98%. Total 25,958 candidates was apeared on admission test against 1275 seats under Ga Unit.

du result


Cha Unit 2018-19: Total 1556 candidates passed from Cha unit. Total 10174 candidates was apeared on written exam and 1556 students passed the written test.

Finally 1556 candidates has apeared on drawing test in 21 September 2018 (drawing result did not published till now) and ..... candidates passed from them. Cha unit has available 135 seats. Successfully passed candidates must download Cha Unit admission notice from below attached file.

Applicants can see 'Ka', 'Ga', and 'Gha' unit admission test seat plan from here.

Admission test result of others unites will be published among few days after taking the admission test. Final result of DU admission test will be announced when completed viva exam from the written passed candidates for few units.

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