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Jahangirnagar University Admission Test Routine and Seat Plan

Jahangirnagar University (JU) admission test date, schedule and seat plan for academic year 2014-2015 has been published. Admission test will be started from Wednesday, September 17, 2014 and it will be finished on 23 September 2014. Students are requested to see details admission circular and exam intractions carefully.

Jahangirnagar University Seat Plan 2014-2015 has Published.


Students can also see JU seat plan 2014-15 through mobile SMS.

For JU Seat Plan: JU<space>S<space>Roll No and send 3690.

Exmple: JU S 100001 and send 3690.


Details exam routine, seat plan and exam time has been published here as image file and pdf file in below for download. All admission related info will be here time to time. We are very interested to help you all candidates by giving all information.



See the details schedule, time and date and seat plan 2014-2015 here-


Jahangirnagar University Admission Test Result Here

Jahangirnagar University Admission Circular Here 

 ju seat routine 2014-15


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    psc result 2014 bd will be released end of december.


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    Omar Vai Ministry of Land circular ti The Daily Star theke nea hoise. posting date 27 November 2014


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    Best of luck for all the applicant of 35th bcs xm.